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Real Name
Chita Anat Ben-Shimon
Current Alias

Kitty, Kat, Kitten, Katya, Katzchen




Carmelo Ben-Shimon (father), Ruth Ben-Shimon (mother)


Base Of Operations
Xavier Institute





Unusual Features

American, [[:Category:|Israeli]]

Marital Status

Student, Adventurer


Place of Birth

First appearance




Powers and Abilities


  • Molecular Density Manipulation: ability to alter the density of her own body by interfacing with some unknown dimension with which he can shunt or accrue particles of mass.
  • Phasing: Shade possesses the ability to pass through solid matter by passing her atoms through the spaces between the atoms of other objects. In this way she and objects that she passes through temporarily merge without interacting. When Shade finishes passing through an object, both are left unharmed. This process is called "phasing." When Shade is phasing, for all intents and purposes, she is intangible. Hence, when attacked, she can shift into a "phasing" state (even if she was not at the time passing through an object), allowing oncoming projectiles or energy blasts to pass through her harmlessly. Shade passes through objects at the same rate of speed at which she was moving before she "entered" it. She trained herself to go automatically, by reflex, into a phasing state at any indication of danger, such as a loud noise like a gunshot, in order to protect herself.
  • Air & Water Walking: Using her phasing/intangibility ability, Shade can freely walk on both air and water. In fact, she could use her ability to walk on water and the air from the ground to the upper stories of a building as if she were climbing a staircase.
  • Phasing Extension: From the first use of her phasing power, Shade was able to phase her clothing along with herself. Through practice she learned to phase other objects along with herself without harm to them, and at one point phased an entire X-Men team. She could also enable someone as big as Colossus to "walk on air" along with her. However, she had to maintain physical contact with the people or objects she phased along with herself for the effect to work with this other person or object.
  • Super Strength: she can cause an object she is touching to lose density while remaining in her regular density, resulting in a lighter mass of the object she is touching. She can then lift that object with ease.
  • Electrical Disruption: When she phased through an object with an electrical system (including the bio-electric/central nervous systems of the human body), the process disrupts the system's workings. She disrupts electronic systems since she basically polarizes the spin of electrons in objects she passes through and drastically changes the conducting forces in circuitry. The use of her abilities also interferes with any electrical systems, as she passes through, by disrupting the flow of electrons from atom to atom.
  • Originally, Shade disrupted any electrical system she passed through. This effect knocked out any human being she walked through, causing the person to pass out to the ground. A disrupted person would lose control of all bodily functions. Through training, she has learned how to repel her molecules without disrupting electrical systems by properly aligning her molecules.
  • Spintronics: One theory that could potentially explain Kitty's power of intangibility is that of "spintronics". This theory is based on electrostatic repulsion, which is the force that keeps subatomic objects from passing through one another. Electrons naturally repel each other and instead of positive or negative charge, electrons have what is called "spin", which is based on a random pattern of up and down. If Kitty can rearrange her molecules (that she hasn't shunted to the unknown dimension) into an organized manner so that they are "polarized" with the objects she is trying to pass through then she can pull her molecules through objects (like a molecular magnet) by controlling the spin on all of the particles in her body.
  • Telepathic Resistance: Her thoughts were highly erratic when phased. As a result, she is hard to mentally detect and is resistant to, but not immune to, psionic based attacks. Therefore, she is immune to detection and attack from minor mentalists; however, strong psi, such as Xavier or Phoenix, could still detect and mentally attack Kitty with some more difficulty than an opponent without psionic defenses.
  • Invisibility: Through training, Shade has gained the ability to spread out her molecules far enough due to shunting her molecules, resulting in light passing right through her. By selecting the degree of her phasing, Shade, in turn, can remain visible to others or completely invisible.
  • Camouflage: Kitty can easily blend into the colors of her immediate surroundings and environments, practically making her invisible to anything seen to the naked eye.
  • Shadow Camouflage: Shade can also become completely invisible and unseen in shadows.
  • Cloaking: Kitty can hide herself and others from any type of optical eyesight.
  • Body Possession: With increased skill, Shade learned how to phase into an person or object (originally roughly her size, but later larger or smaller) and then harmonize herself with the person or object, resulting in her taking full possession over the person's body. While Shade does possess the body of her victim, the victim still is able to think freely.
  • Intangible Flight: Through further training and concentration, Shade can fly by causing her molecules to move by her thoughts instead of merely controlling only the "spintronics".
  • Shade has also demonstrated the ability to allow her to remain in place as the Earth passes through/past her. In turn, it appears that she is moving at great speeds in a westward direction.
  • Plane-Shifting: Kitty is able to phase through different planes of existence and ascend to a cosmic plane.
  • Hyper-Dense: Shade, after a greater amount of training, she will realize that she also possesses the ability to condense the atoms of her body, as well as accrue extradimensional mass, fortifying her body with it.
  • Super Strength: gains sufficient strength to lift 50 tons.
  • Superhuman Durability: She can become extraordinary massive and hard as diamond. At maximum mass, Shade weighs about 90 tons.
  • Phasing Immunity: Any opponent with the ability to phase is unable to pass through Kitty, since she has made herself too dense for them to pass through.
  • Hyper-Density Extension: Through practice, Kitty can extend her hyper-density to other people and objects, resulting in the other person or object gaining a degree of super strength and durability.
  • Immobilization: can cause objects or people to become so dense that they can no longer move, as long as Kitty establishes physical contact.
  • Crushing: can cause any air she is in contact with (so any air in her environment) to increase in density. If she increases the density of the air enough around another person or object in her environment, then the person or object will be crushed.
  • Physical Disruption: Shade can use her density control offensively be attaining minimum density (intangibility). Passing a part of all of her body within another living being and ever so slightly increasing her density (tangibility). Even increasing her density to one half ounce (14.25 grams) is sufficient to cause the organism she passes through excruciating pain, a shock to the nervous system, and unconsciousness. Were she to become any more dense than one half ounce the shock would probably kill the other organism. Accordingly, Shade employs this power with extreme caution.
  • Selective Molecular Density Manipulation: Kitty, through training, gains the ability to select parts of her body or parts of other objects she is touching to alter in one degree of density while altering the density of another part in a different way. For example, She could cause an opponent to phase, while keeping their weapons solid so that the weapon falls through her opponent's hands. Kitty has also demonstrated the ability to selectively alter the density of only certain parts of her body, while still holding herself completely together.
  • Size Manipulation: Kitty possesses the power to alter her physical size by altering her volume, the other facet of density (mass/volume) causing her body's mass to compress into miniature size or spread out into a giant size. Shade then can alter her mass at the volume she chooses. So she could be phasing or hyper dense at whatever size she chooses. She is able to shrink to a minimum of half an inch or grow to a maximum of several hundred feet. Smaller or larger sizes are possible but the exertion begins to put a strain on her body.
  • Size Division
  • Size Multiplication
  • Size Manipulation Extension: Similar to her ability to alter other people and objects' mass through physical contact, Kitty can also alter others' volume through physical contact.


  • Expert Martial Artist: Shade possessed moderate expertise of the martial arts of the Japanese ninja and samurai. Shade demonstrated great knowledge of ninja methods of combat when she was mentally possessed by the Ronin Ogun. With the possession over, Shade forgot the knowledge of ninja techniques he gave her, but she retained the knowledge of Oriental methods of combat taught her by Wolverine. Kitty is also an extremely adept fighter who has mastered several martial arts, including Karate, Aikido, Ninjutsu, and Krav Maga
  • Dance Training: She continued to take dance training under the tutelage of Stevie Hunter, and was highly agile.
  • Genius-level Computer Expert: Shade was an expert in the field of computer science, demonstrating genius-level aptitude for programming, modifying, and diagnosing almost any computer system: even those of unfamiliar human and extraterrestrial origin. She used her skills in many high-stress combat situations to great effect, and in combination with her mutant ability to disrupt electrical systems she was a formidable foe for any enemy relying on advanced technology.
  • Multi-Lingual: She speaks fluent English, Japanese, Russian, and the alien language of Shi'ar
  • Photographic Memory

Strength level

Normal human female with moderate regular exercise. However, while at maximum density, her strength is increased sufficiently to allow her to lift approximately 50 tons.


  • Physical Contact: to extend her density manipulation to other objects, then she must be in direct contact with the object. In cases of liquids and gases, it appears that she can overcome this limitation; however, in truth gases and liquids don't have a definitive volume. Therefore if she touches a liquid or gas in one place, she can affect its density across great distances. For example, by touching the air around her, she can manipulate all the air in her immediate environment through proper levels of concentration and exertion.
  • Phasing Limitations:
  • Breathing: Since she was unable to breathe while "inside" an object, she could only continuously phase through solid objects (as when she traveled underground) as long as she could hold her breath.
  • Super Dense Objects: Denser materials were more difficult for Kitty to phase through, sometimes causing her pain. Solidifying while in an object could cause serious injury if not death.
  • Visible Light: Unless phased to a degree resulting in invisibility, any visible light based attacks can affect her.
  • Extreme Temperatures: Extreme heat or cold also seems to harm Kitty in her phased state.
  • Radiation: Harmful levels of radiation do have the ability to harm Kitty.
  • Mystical Vulnerability: While phasing Shade was still vulnerable to mystical attack, however.
  • Hyper-Dense Limitations:
  • Immobilization: Even though her strength exponentially increases as she becomes more dense, Kitty can reach a point where she has gained her maximum amount of extradimensional mass that she can condense to her body. At her max mass of 90 tons, she is barely able to move without causing massive stress to her system.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • Chita is the Nexus version of Katherine Anne Pryde (Earth-616).
  • Kitty took the codename Shade, which also means spirit or ghost due to its Latin origin, which seemed to be very fitting to her due to her ability of phasing.
  • Her living in Ariel, Israel was a reference to Shadowcat of Earth-616 who had taken the codename Ariel for a brief period of time.


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