Caerrios is a now destroyed planet that was formerly located in the Lagoon Nebula.


The planet Caerrios was formerly located in the Lagoon Nebula, located 4,100 lightyears away from Earth. The planet was populated by a race of highly intelligent reptilian creatures known as the Caerrians. They lived in harmony with the planet, building only small cities so that the planets natural beauty would not be destroyed. However 9,732,432,121 years after the planets creation it was attacked by the planet devoured Galactus. The Caerrians however would not go without a fight and summoned the full force of their army, airforce and space force. Unfortunately for them it just wasn't enough and Galactus continued to feed on the planet's energy. In an act of pure desperation, the inhabitants managed to attach a large engine onto a chunk of the planet and successfully separated the chunk from the planet. They wandered the galaxy for thousands of years looking for a habitable planet for them to live on. Eventually however a scout managed to discover a perfect planet: Earth. Since the Earth wouldn't go without a fight, the Caerrian army was forced to retreat and made a base in the Asteroid belt that surrounded the galaxy, nestling the chunk of Caerrios inside an especially large meteor's crater.


Caerrios was a planet filled with jungles and oceans. 49% of the planet was water and the other 51% was jungle.


Bublop guard beasts are the Caerrian equivalent of dogs. However these creatures are reptilian, rather than mammalian. They have grey scales, no eyes, grooved lips, needle sharp teeth, bodies with three round segments,long tails and claws. They can be trained to be extremely loyal to their owners and can be tought a variety of tricks. Can be used as hunting beasts, beasts of burden, guard beasts, and companions.

  • B.E.S.S.s

Biogentically Engineered SuperSoldiers are non-sentient creatures used by the Caerrians as infantry. They can be taught to fight, but not using weapons other than their own "natural" ones which include horns, claws, fangs and their incredibly strong kicks. Physically they resemble anthropomorphic goats, but with red eyes that can see in the dark, fangs, claws and golden fur. They can wear armor if they are taught not to tear it of. When not in use they can be put in a comatose state and put into storage. Some of them have managed to escape into the wilderness of the Caerrios shard and live in isolation, hunting anything if they're hungry.

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