This is a list of several extraterrestrial species and creatures that exist within the Maximum Universe, as well as imaginary creatures that the Zoologist has either imagined and created himself, or created from merging two or more species together.

  • Aardvarkian Elephant:
  • Alligator Ant:
  • Amphibiaqua:
  • Arctic Apian:
  • Arthrogator:
  • Artillerswee:
  • Avianape:
  • Balance Behemoth:
  • Beauty Beast:
  • Big-Jawed Snapperswimmer:
  • Bird-brained Aviaris:
  • Black-and-Red Wormwheeler:
  • Blood-backed Brasherbasher:
  • Bluebrassed Bruiser Moose:
  • Botanabronco:
  • Bradockis:
  • Crimson Chimpanax:
  • Foilage Fowl:
  • Hexamandra:
  • Horatian Horrorstalker:
  • Hot-Rod Hellraiser:
  • Kanielian:
  • Laxilegged Liedpid:
  • Lop-Earred Leonian:
  • Magnolia Mole:
  • Multi-legged Molemoose:
  • Purple Polka-dotted Pseudospider:
  • Slice n' Dicer:
  • Spiked Sporkian Scorpion:
  • Stellar Whale:
  • Trapjawabala:
  • Tyrannosapien:
  • Tyrannosaurus Hex:
  • Voluptian Beauty Beast:
  • Yahtzee:

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